Thor's Hammers

Thor's hammers come supplied with chain and oathring (where applicable).
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Swedish Thor's Hammer (H100)
A beautifully ornate hammer. 1 1/2 inches long.
Wizard's Hammer (H101)
Finnish museum replica.  1 1/2 inches long.
Classic Thor's Hammer (H103)
Norwegian museum replica, 1 1/8 inch long
Swedish Design - Double sided (H104)
Swedish museum replica - a fully 3D/two sided version of the H102
Big Swede hammer (H105)
Swedish museum replica, 1 3/4 inch long.
This is a large, thick, heavy hammer wrought in excellent detail.
Swedish Hammer (H106)
Very ornate hammer that weighs in at a full ounce!  1 1/2 inches long
Double Sided Swedish Hammer (H108)
Very ornate. 1 1/4 inches long.
Little Mjolnir (H109)
Norwegiean museum replica, 15/16ths inch long.
Godi Pendant (H110)
Swedish museum replica, 1 1/4 inches long
Valkyrie Pendant (H112)
Swedish museum replica. 1 3/8 inches long
Ullr Pendant (H115)
Celebrating the ancient Norse God of the hunt, archery and war, this magnificent contemporary design is fully cast with details on both sides.  This pendant is heavy, weighing over 2 oz.
Thursbreaker (H116)
This bold, contemporary design is 1 3/4 inch long and 1 1/2 inches across.  This monster is thick and heavy, weighing in at over 2 ounces.
Big Mjolnir (H118)
This large version of a classic Norwegian design is 1 3/8 inches long
Nordic Beasts (H119)
These classic chain attachments are designed to attache to a hammer with an oath ring - Sold in pairs
Double Sided Swede (H120)
Just slightly smaller than the H105, but this one is fully double sided in all detail. 1 5/8 inchest long.
AlThing Hammer (H121)
This beautiful commemorative hammer was cast in honor of Sveinbjorn Beintiensson.  It is a contemporary design featuring the Tyr rune of the Asatru Alliance, and "AlThing" spelled in runes above a small sunwheel.  1 1/8 inches long.
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