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The Odinist Edda
by Park Puryear and the Norreona Soceity, softcover - 433 pages. This is essential companion to the asatru Edda and the set present a complete and concise collection of all the Eddas written by an Asatruar who carefully removed most Christian influences from our sacred texts and lists them in the proper chronological order as they should be. It includes an extensive dictionary which by itself is vital to all who follow the old ways. Large 8 1/2 x11" format.
Poetic Edda
Henry Adam Bellows. Dover Publications softcover, 251 pages. At last and after many years, the Bellows translation is again available to the folk. Favored for extensive explanatory footnotes and easy to read style. This translation belongs on every Asatruar's book shelf.
The Handbook of Asatru
World Tree Publications, softcover 48 pages, Raven-Wolf Kindred. This is the required book needed for founding a kindred in a prison environment. It contains concise information on rituals, ritual tools, a calendar, runic information, rites of passage and a dictionary of the Gods and Goddesses of the North. Free world kindreds would benefit from this handbook as well.
Gods and Myths of Northern Europe
Hilda Ellis Davidson, Penguin Press softcover, 250 pages. This is the definitive handbook on Norse Mythology, written by the foremost scholar on Norse religion and culture. Contains favorable descriptions of our Gods and Goddesses, and discusses the creation and Ragnarok myths.
Laxadaela Saga
Paulsson & Magnusson translation, Penguin softcover, 265 pages. Chronicles over 150 years of Icelandic history, highlighting such folk as Unn the Deep Minded, Killer Harap, Geirmund, Thurid, and Thorkel.
The Saga of Grettir the Strong
Softcover, Penguin Books, 167 pages. Bernard Scudder Translation. A classic reference which describes the conversation period and the life of a true hero of the Asatru of Iceland in the worst of times, a must for your library
Saga of the Volsungs
Brock translation, Penguin Classics softcover, 145 pages. The Germanic epic of the dragonslayer. A treasure trove of traditional lore - Runes, vengeance, and the mythic deeds of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer.
Odin's Return
World Tree Publications, softcover, 48 pages, Ragnar Storyteller. This historical novel is based on the beginnings of the Odin Brotherhood with nice illustrations provided by Edred Wodanson. The story is set in Scotland during the 1600's and gives the reader a glimplse of just how terrifying and brutal the forced conversion of the Roman church was on our ancestors.
The Rituals of Asatru SET
All three ritual volumes
Major Blots
Seasonal Festivals
Rites of Passage
all 3 volumes for one discounted price
The Rituals of Asatru Volume Three - Rites of Passage
This volume outlines rites for the traditional observance of the major milestones of life - from birth to burial. Included in Rites of Passage are rituals for land taking and self profession into Asatru.
Snorri Sturluson, Jules Williams Press, softcover, 400 pages. This sterling translation chronicles the lives of the Norse Kings, as recorded by a man who could have held his own in any of the tales he recounted.
Asatru Edda
Mark Puryear and the Norroena Society translation, softcover, 404 pages. I Universe Press. A heroic effort to present the Eddas as a sacred text. Free of outlander and xtian influences. This book is for the Gothar and the most serious of students. Extensive footnotes and Old Norse dictionary. This is the most important book for the Asatru in decades. Large 8 1/2 x 11" full sized format.
Egil's Saga
Fell translation, Penguin Classics, softcover, 221 Pages. Thought to have been written by Snorri circa 1230 CE, this is the saga of the premier Asatruari of Iceland - a warrior, poet, vitki, and father. Egil's Saga chronicles the wars, rivalries and tensions between the ruling clans of Iceland and Norway. This is one of the most readable sagas, and it certainly deserves a place of honor within your book hoard.
What is Asatru?
A concises, straightforward question and answer booklet about the religion of Asatru. Addresses such basics as when it started and what followers believe.
The Agricola and the Germania
Tacitus, Penguin Classics, softcover, 175 pages. A classic reference book based on eye witness acocunts describing ancient, Heathen Britain and Germany
The Prose Edda
Snorri Sturluson. Dover Publications softcover, 288 pages. Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur. This is an exact reprint of the Prose Edda originally published by the American-Scandinavian Foundation of New York in 1916, except that it is a softcover. This is an excellent translation and we are pleased that it is again in print. With introduction and prologue.
Orkneyinga Saga
Paulsson & Edwards translation, Penguin Classics softcover, 251 pages. The saga of the Norse and Scottish settlers of the Orkney Islands.
The Sayings of Har
World Tree Publications softcover, 35 pages. Hollander translation. This professional produced booklet contains and authorized reprint of the complete Havamal - timeless advice to live by AllFalther Odin.
Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas
H.A. Gruber, Dover Publications softcover, 397 pages and numerous illustrations. This book contains some of the best stories of the Aesir and Vanir ever written, as well as stories of the Sagas as well. We all need this classic reprint.
The Dictionary of Northern Mythology
Rudolf Simek, Boydell and Brewer, softcover, 425 pages. This is the standard reference source used by everyone with an interest in the old ways, and this dicutionary belongs on everyone's bookshelf, you will find yourself reading t often.
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