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The World Tree
World Tree Publications, softcover, 66 pages, Edred Wodanson. This is a worthy companion to the Handbook of Asatru with even more basic information to explain Asatru to beginners, as well as more in depth information of the history of Asatru, conducting blot, kindred development, the runes, and a reading list.
The Nature of Asatru
Mark Puryear, I Universe Press softcover, 255 pages. An excellent introduction to the religion of Asatru which may benefit the more advanced students as well. Includes chapters on the lore as well as how Asatru is practiced today. It also includes a dictionary which is one of the most complete available; this has received reviews within the Asatru community.
Myths and Symbols of Pagan Europe
hilda R. Ellis Davidson, Syracuse University Press, 268 pages. A comprehensive guide to the ancient practices and zymology of the Norse and Celtic religions and peoples. This book is an excellent resource for the parallel study of the Norse and Celts. Contains numerous drawings and photos.
Nordic Religions in the Viking Age
DuBois, University of Pennsylvania Press, 271 pages. University of Pennsylvania Press softcover. This authorative work offers a comprehensive narrative on our ancient Heathen beliefs and ustoms, as well as describing Christian influences on the customs and religious practices of Scandinavians. This is the book we all have been waiting for!
Njal's Saga
Paulsson & Magnusson translation, Penguin classics softcover, 379 pages. Perhas the second most popular saga, this tale chronicles the most famous feud in Icelandic history.
Viking Language 1
Jesse Byock, 383 pages. Jules William Press softcover. For those of you trying to learn Old Norse, you have the definitive source. This is a university level textbook which not only teaches Norse but the history and culture of the Northlands including Saga studies and runes. This is an incredible source of information for the Gothar and serious student and practitioner of Asatru. Professor Byock is very Asatru friendly and an incredible source of trusted information about our history, lore, and native spriituality.
Sendabook - An Asabook of Prayers
The Norroena Society/Mark Puryear Softcover, 248 pages From the author who brought us The Nature of Asatru, The Asatru Edda, and the Odinist Edda. In this book Mark specifically focusses on Asatru prayer and devotional practices, and specific rites of the folk.
Asatru - A Practical Heathen Guide
Patricia M. Lafaylive Llewellyn Publications, softcover, 246 pages. She covers it all from listings of the Gods and Goddesses and their role in our Tru. A comprehensive list of rituals and holy days. Practical advice on meditation, trance work, prayers and working with runes. Patricia is a leader in the Troth and member of Two Ravens Kindred. This work contains a lot of new material not previously published.
Heathen Handbook
Woden's Folk Kindred. Softcover, 290 pages. A kindred with decades of experience in our spiritual, cultural, and ethnic roots. They cover in depth our basic beliefs, history, world view, ethics, mythology, symbolism, runes, practical ideas about how to form kindreds, how to resent our faith to the public, how to further our ways as individuals and tribes. This is a comprehensive guide to what all Asatru need to know. A complete guide to reconnecting to the ways of our ancestors.
Old Norse - Old Icelandic a Concise Introduction
Jules William Press, Softcover, 180 pages Jesse Byock and Randal Gorddon. Prof. Byock has written numerous volumes on runes, lore, sagas and other books favorable of our Asatru belief. This is a valuable resource for study of our ancient native tongue, presented in a manner for easier study.
Norse Mythology
Neil Gaiman W.W. Norton Company, Softcover, 304 pages. An excellent and enjoyable primer for those new to Asatru and also the young at hearts. Gaiman is well versed in the myths of the Asatru, and based his writings on Simek who wrote the Dictionary of Norse Mythology and is a standard for research on all Things Norse, and is on the New York Times best seller list. It has certainly expanded the base of those new to our ways.
Nine Doors of Midgard
Edward Thorson The Rune Guild, softcover, 235 pages. A complete guided curriculum of rune work. The Nine Doors are actually steps taken from beginning to end on comprehending the runes, their value, uses, terminology, galdor and much more. While Futhark by the same author is excellent for the beginner, Nine Doors is the next step up.
The Study Havamal
Carrie Overton Hugin & Munin Publishing, softcover, 384 pages. At last! A book that lists the stanzas of the Havamal, first in Old Norse, then three separate English translations, with the facing page used for notes taken during single and group study. This is a must for all kindreds who need to know the wisdom of Allfather Odin.
Teutonic Magic - the Magical & Spiritual Practices of the Germanic Peoples
Kveldulf Gundarsson Llewllyn, softcover, 311 pages This book covers all aspects of Norse magic, religious practices, the Gods and other holy beings. Magical symbols and more.
The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok
Ben Waggoner Troth Press, softcover, 150 pages Ragnar and his sons inspired unknown writers to set down their stories 700 years ago. In this book, the saga of Ragnar Lodbrok, the tale of Ragnar's sons, and the Sogubrot. Ragnar's death song, and Krakumal. Just about everything there is to know about this notorious Viking
Norse Mytholgy for Kids
Mathias Nordvig, PhD Rock Ridge Press, softcover, 134 pages At last, a great book for the Asa kids: Tales of the Gods, Creatures, and Quests. Lavishly Illustrated with Norse glossary as well. Great for reading to the young ones.
The Children of Odin
Padraic Colum Simon and Schuster, softcover, 271 pages Well written and easy to read stories of the Eddas. Great for beginners i the lore and suitable for children's studies. Some illustrations.
Odin's Wife
William P. Reaves soft cover, 357 pages A comprehensive study of AllMother Frigga in all of Her guises and names. Tracing her legend from Scandinavia to Northern Europe. For over a thousand years Frigga was worshipped and venerated as the queen of Asgard and the Mother of the Gods. Today thousands of the Asatru continue this tradition in honoring the holy Mother of our folks. This book is amazing and no other text even comes close in the depth of knowledge revealed.
Poetic Edda
Lee M. Hollander translation, University of Texas Press, softcover, 343 pages. The most important document of the Asatru Nation. This book is a must in every ones library.
The Values of Asatru and the Lessons of Asgard
Two basic booklets outlining the fundamental values of our religion and the everyday lessons of our deities. These compact documents are excellent introductions for the novice, and handy references for seasoned Asatruar.
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